Gee I Never Thought of That- Reflections on the Organization of the Education System


The following blog has been generated as a culminating activity for the course EDUC 5P60: Constructions of Organizations at Brock University.  I have titled the blog GINTOT after the acronym coined by professor Dr. Coral Mitchell which stands for Gee I Never Thought of That.  As I reflected on my learning throughout the course, I realized that I was overwhelmed by the breadth of knowledge which was shared with me.  Thus, for my culminating task I made a list of questions which related to course concepts discussed.  I used these questions to generate various blog posts to demonstrate my learning as it relates to the construction of and administrative practices in the education system.  I hope you enjoy my reflective journey about the course concepts and how they relate to current practices and structures within the education system.


Sarah Rasmussen